From Susan Matter, Director of FVCC Library Services

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If you love birds, FVCC library has a lot to offer you.  Did you know that as a resident of Flathead Valley you can get a library card? If you are interested in doing this, email or call 756-3856 for more information. Although we have many online resources such as the Cornell Birds of the World database, due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation, the FVCC Library is not open to the public. However, we can provide curbside pickup for books and DVDs.  Check out the list below and email or phone us with your requests.


  • The atlas of bird migration: tracing the great journeys of the world’s birds, Jonathan Elphick. 2007
  • Attracting birds, butterflies & other winged wonders to your backyard, Kris & Rick Wetherbee. 2005
  • Audubon birdhouse book: building, placing, and maintaining great homes for great birds, Margaret A Barker, Elissa Wolfson. 2013
  • Avian architecture: how birds design, engineer & build, Peter Goodfellow, Michael H Hansell. 2011
  • Bird: the definitive visual guide, David Burnie, Peter Frances. 2007
  • The bird: a natural history of who birds are, where they came from, and how they live, Colin Tudge. 2008
  • Bird sense: what it’s like to be a bird, Tim Birkhead. 2012
  • Bird watcher’s bible: science, know-how, beauty, lore, Jonathan K Alderfer. 2012
  • Birding trails Montana: 240 birding trails for the avid birder with GPS coordinates for all locations, Chuck Robbins. 2014
  • Birds are people, too: humor in the avian world, Kate Davis. 2016
  • The birds of America, John James Audubon. 1937
  • Birds of Montana, Jeffrey S. Marks, Paul Hendricks, Daniel Casey. 2016
  • Birds of Montana: field guide, Stan Tekiela. 2004
  • Feathers: the evolution of a natural miracle, Thor Hanson. 2011
  • Fire birds: valuing natural wildfires and burned forests, Sneed B Collard. 2015 
  • The genius of birds, Jennifer Ackerman. 2016
  • Gifts of the crow: how perception, emotion, and thought allow smart birds to behave like humans, John M Marzluff, Tony Angell. 2012
  • Glacier is for the birds: a trail guide to the birds of Glacier National Park, David P. Benso. 2016
  • The Lewis & Clark expedition: Montana’s first bird inventory through the eyes of Lewis and Clark, Kenneth C Walcheck. 1999
  • Montana birds, Caleb Putnam, Gregory Kennedy. 2005
  • National Geographic pocket guide to the birds of North America, Laura Erickson. 2013
  • Nests, eggs, & nestlings of North American birds, Paul J Baicich, Colin James, Oliver Harrison. 2005
  • P.D. Skaar’s Montana bird distribution, Amy Cilimburg, Janet Ellis, et. al. 2012
  • Raptors of the Rockies: biology of the birds of prey and species accounts of the raptors of the Rockies, Kate Davis. 2002
  • The Sibley guide to birds, David Sibley. 2014
  • Songbird journeys: four seasons in the lives of migratory birds, Miyoko Coco Chu. 2006
  • Welcome to subirdia: sharing our neighborhoods with wrens, robins, woodpeckers, and other wildlife, John M Marzluff. 2014
  • What the robin knows: how birds reveal the secrets of the natural world, Jon Young. 2012
  • Wings over Montana: a celebration of wild birds, Donald M Jones. 2006


  • Audubon videoguide to 505 birds of North America,2 dvds, Michael A. Godfrey, Kenn Kaufman. 2004
  • Chick flick how birds produce & raise chicks, Ron & Nancy Goor. 2008
  • Hummingbirds magic in the air, F. Murray Abraham, Ann Prum. 2010