by Gail Shay Linne, Education Chair

Educational Trunk Lesson in Action
Educational Trunk Lesson in Action

Hello from the Flathead Audubon education committee. Our 2017-18 members include Joe Batts, Linda de Kort, Amy Jacobs, Bob Lopp, Doug MacCarter, Kathy Ross, Rod Wallette, and Gail Shay Linne, chair.

In August our committee and President Kay Mitchell, reviewed, revised and agreed to the contents of the 2017-18 independent contractors’ contract. The document was submitted to and approved by the FAS Board of Directors, and signed by Denny Olson, Kay Mitchell and Gail Linne. The contract spans the FAS’s fiscal year.

On behalf of the education committee, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Denny Olson back as the independent contractor for Flathead Audubon. Denny is highly regarded as a bird educator and as a dedicated Audubon member. To learn more about the responsibilities and well-developed activities Denny will lead, click here for the 2017-18 independent contractors’ contract.

The education committee will meet again in December to review education programs, in March, 2018 for assessment, and finally in May, 2018 to plan next year’s education programs.

Birding is a wonderful way to explore the natural world. My Dad, who was a lifelong Audubon birder, introduced bird-watching to me at a young age. I’ve shared my love of birding with my students, my children and now with my grandchildren.

Along the lines of bringing the natural world to young people, I will include an agenda topic for our December committee meeting to discuss possible outreach programs for children and youth as an extension of our current educational programs. Please feel free to e-mail ( or call me (406-871-4881) with suggestions about this idea.

Happy Birding!