by Linda de Kort

Six years ago FAS partnered with USFS for a “more kids in the woods” grant. Thanks especially to the genius and perseverance of Teresa Wenum at USFS three rural schools were able to educate students and staff about the value of native plants. Moreover grant money was provided so that students could research and then plant native flowering herbaceous and woody plants on the school grounds. The gardens at west valley school continue to thrive, attracting native birds and other pollinators, providing a kaleidoscope of color from spring through fall, allowing teachers to have a convenient outdoor classroom.

The gardens are however invaded by tenacious and aggressive non native witch grass which requires equally aggressive and tenacious vigilance! Thanks to FAS Members, West Valley Naturalists, and the West Valley Girl Scout troop for dedication and deep digging to help control this threat to our native plant gardens. On your way to the new West Valley bird viewing area please feel free to stop by and visit the school native plant garden ….. and please feel free to pluck out any non natives you spy within its borders!