Bruce, Bob, and Barb (L-R) working on the trail – Photo Credit: Linda Winnie

On Saturday, 29 September, 15 FAS members got together in wonderful weather for the annual Owen Sowerwine Workday. Tasks included the traditional mowing of the main trail and pulling weeds. Additional tasks were to finish the bridge from the Montessori School to the north end of Owen Sowerwine and to install interpretive signs at the entrances concerning weed control.

Rick Mace scans for the griz – Photo Credit: Linda Winnie

Despite the presence of a young female grizzly bear, the work went off without a hitch. Rick Mace showed up with his telemetry gear and located the bear away from where our work was taking place. It was near Denny and John, so we didn’t worry! The main trail looks good.

Volunteers pulled enough weeds to fill 20 large trash bags. This is a never-ending but import chore. The Montana Noxious Weed Campaign working in cooperation with the Montana Adopt-A-Trail Program provided the interpretive signs for us to install at the entrances. These are not only informative but also look great, and have a boot brush to clean your feet both coming and going.

Bringing out weeds by the bagful – Photo Credit: Linda Winnie

We were finished in about 3 hours and everyone dispersed to tackle their own jobs that Saturday. We want to thank Montessori School for allowing us to use their facilities to assemble and delegate tasks. They are great to work with – please thank them whenever possible.

Although we’ll formally see you next fall for the annual work day, visit OSNA often. While there, pick up a little trash, pull a few weeds and enjoy the serenity. Also, down load a monitoring form from the FAS website and take a few moments to fill it out when you go … good information helps us manage the area better.

Weed interpretive sign with boot brush – Photo Credit: Linda Winnie
Rod and Pete installing weed sign – Photo Credit: Linda Winnie