Check out Flathead Audubon’s entertaining new film featuring our very own eccentric Professor Avian Guano, Bir.D., narrating all the reasons that birds really do rock! Birds really are critical to our existence. We appreciate not only their beauty and songs, but also the many benefits they provide.  Our new video brings the message home in a unique and informative way.

We are lucky to have a wonderful partner in this endeavor. Bj Worth of Wings in Nature in Whitefish contributed beautiful “Birds in Motion” video clips of North American birds.  Just click on the link below to watch the video.

If you like the video, let us know. Our plan is create additional videos about the current struggles birds are having, how plants, insects and birds are part of a finely-tuned system developed by nature over millions of years and a video about what you can do in your yard, home and behavior to help them. These videos will be used for outreach education and also by teachers to kick off our school Bird Education Units far into the future!

This new effort is the result of complications from Covid-19. Our normal educational efforts such as school programs, field trips, distribution and introduction of 14 educational trunks, teacher workshops, our monthly educational meetings, large event participation including our own Birds of Prey Festival went out the window with pandemic swiftness. Look for new projects as we refocus our efforts to educate the public about the incredible value of birds in our own life support system. 

Of course, we can always use your financial support so we can continue to create additional, high quality educational videos.  This year, we’re participating in the Great Fish Challenge put on by the Whitefish Community Foundation from 7/30/20-9/18/20. Head over to the Flathead Audubon page on their site to have your conservation dollars multiplied! If you’re not currently a member you can join by clicking here.

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