Montana’s Amazing Native Fish: where truth is stranger than fiction

presented by Beth Gardner

(watch a replay of the presentation over here)

Have you ever heard of fish that doesn’t like to swim? Or how about the one so primitive and bizarre that it is surely a ghost from very ancient times? Beth has picked out 7 odd-ball species found here in Montana and will give us the inside scope on their hidden life underwater. This will be a light-hearted and fun introduction to our aquatic friends.

Beth Gardner is a fisheries biologist with the Flathead National Forest. Beth is originally from Ohio and studied at Michigan State University. She began her career with the Forest Service in northern Michigan and moved to the Flathead Valley in 1994. Her primary duties involve the conservation of cutthroat trout and bull trout on federal lands. Beth enjoys fishing, gardening and ice hockey. Her favorite bird is the Brown Creeper.

The program will be presented through the online Zoom platform on January 11, 2021 (rescheduled) January 18th, at 7pm Mountain Time. Check your emailed Pileated Post for the link or email us at requesting the link with instructions to connect.

The program is free and open to the public.