by Denny Olson

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we decided to take our Conservation Education Program in a “virtually” entertaining direction, with a both light-hearted and serious video series, with our primary bird education messages front and center. 

Professor Avian Guano, Bir.D. is our eccentric, slightly off-the-wall narrator — doing his own brand of “edu-tainment” for our K – 12 students (you may not realize you have learned something until it’s too late!). 

They feature some gorgeous bird video footage gathered by Birds in Motion, a local company with the goal of video-documenting all of the bird species in North America!


Professor Guano outlines the seven ways that bird are critical to our survival and add joy and wonder to our lives. They are critical for insect and rodent balance, seed dispersal and pollination, first responders in the great cleanup crew, and excellent indicators of the health of our own life support system! They also invented music as we know it, and function as mental health “ecotherapy” Evidence is convincing that they make us happier!


But, we have not been kind to birds in the past (30% of North American birds are gone!) and their future prospects are completely dependent on our own attention to science and evidence, and the changes we make in the next few decades. Their life support system is our life support system. Professor Guano makes a strong case for science and evidence as our guide to a better future. 


The Good Professor shows us  how WE, with some minor labors of love, can make a big difference in the future of birds and the future of ourselves — at home! Restoring habitat with native plants, becoming citizen scientists, modifying our windows, keeping our kitties indoors, becoming bird-friendly consumers and perhaps even activists — WILL determine the future of birds, and therefore ourselves. And, most of these simple changes are FUN!

Watch these videos! Pass the word to friends! Make the world better for birds!

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