Highlights from May 7, 2018 Board Meeting

  • Gail Linne presented the “Trunk Ambassadors” program to the Board.
  • Lana and Joe Batts donated a projector to FAS.
  • The Board adopted the FAS budget for July 2018 – June 2019.

West Valley Bird Viewing Area—Grand Opening

Grand opening of the West Valley bird viewing area: Saturday, October 6 from 5-7:30 PM sponsored by Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks; Flathead Land Trust; and Flathead Audubon. Celebrate the completion of the West Valley Wetlands conservation project with a ribbon cutting ceremony for the grand opening of the bird viewing area for the public. The celebration will include food, a program to thank supporters, and viewing of the sandhill cranes as they fly in to roost at sunset. Please RSVP to Laura Katzman at lkatzman@flatheadlandtrust.org or 752-8293.

2018 Annual Potluck

The annual May potluck and FAS membership meeting was held at the Whitefish Community Center on May 14, 2018.

  • Gael Bissell presented Alan Ruby representing the Flathead Electric Co-op Board with the Conservation Achievement Recognition Award.
  • It was moved and seconded to elect Pam Willison and Diane Boyd to the FAS Board. Joe Batts and Marylane Pannell were reelected as treasurer and secretary of FAS. Jake Bramante and Jan Metzmaker agreed to serve another term on the Board.
  • President Kay Mitchell gave the FAS yearend report. Her report included statistics on the number of bird trips, bird counts, Conservation Awards, educational programs, volunteer hours and Hawk Watch volunteers. She also mentioned our work organizing and participating in the Birds of Prey, Montana Audubon Bird Festival and OSNA workday.
  • Larry Berrin, Executive Director of Montana Audubon, presented the program “Montana Audubon – Birds and Beyond.”
  • The silent auction proceeds were $744. 

Bird Feeders and Bears

Bird feeders are often a strong attractant to bears especially in the fall when they are trying to fatten up before entering their dens. Please consider not feeding birds until the bears have entered dens which usually happens by the end of November. 

Other attractants also create conflicts with bears also. Montana FWP Bear and Lion Specialist Erik Wenum says ”We are urging people to step up their efforts in getting attractants secured; lock up the garbage, put the pet foods inside and pick the fruit. It’s unfortunate when we have to kill a bear. It’s not something we enjoy doing, but when a bear is fed human foods that is typically the outcome. If residents take responsibility and clean up all attractants, we will have fewer problems and fewer bears will need to be killed.”  You may contact Erik Wenum at 756-1776 or 250-0062.