Applied Research in Glacier National Park

presented by Tabitha Graves

Tabitha Graves – Photo Credit: USGS

Join us Monday, September 10 , 7-9 PM at the Gateway West Community Room, US Highway 2 West, Kalispell, for an informative and entertaining program presented by Tabitha Graves. Tabitha will talk about how wildlife biology, landscape ecology, and statistics all come together in her research projects.

Although Tabitha works for the US Geological Survey she is stationed in Glacier National Park where she currently does most of her work.

          Tabitha has more than 15 years experience studying grizzly bears, bighorn sheep, elk, and the development of novel and integrated analyses of habitat use, connectivity, migration, and genetics, all very applied work. She has also assisted with projects studying black bears, wolverines, mountain goats, wolves, lynx, kinkajou, loons, hawks, owls, riparian vegetation, pika, and sugar pine.