by Pam Willison, Grateful Head Wrangler

Many hands, many hours, MANY THANKS!!

Crew hard at work

In early April volunteers participated in four work days at the Owen Sowerwine Natural Area, to help cut, treat and stack Common Buckthorn (Rhamnus cathartica), which is invasive and is very good at outcompeting native vegetation and toxifying the soil.

Crews consisted of saw operators, lopper operators, swamper/stackers, and glyphosate daubers operators. In some areas, the Common Buckthorn is so dense that there isn’t anywhere to stack brush. Then, bit-by-bit a clearing forms, there is space to work, and you can see the results of your efforts.

This is challenging work, and the volunteers labored with gusto and determination while wearing eye/ear protection and good gloves! Over four days, 34 individuals joined in and worked a total of 159 volunteer hours. That’s an amazing and generous effort!

Kudos to our saw operators who tackled the hardest job, and to Great Old Broads for Wilderness volunteers Connie, Teresa and Katy. Heartfelt thanks to all the hard-working volunteers: Carol, Denny, Rod, Pat, Darcy, Terry, Tom, Cindy, Ronda, Jane, Chris H., Lynda, Dee, Matt, Jacob, Sally, Brian, Shannon, Bridger, Will, Dan, Fawn, Chris G., Connie, Teresa, Katy, Kristen, Jake, Mary Jo, Alice, Jer, Ben, and Karen. May your scratches, thorn-pokes, and sore backs recover quickly!