Flathead Valley Bird Report – January 2022

by Dan Casey  Rare and Notables – Nov/Dec An out-of-season Brown-headed Cowbird and a regionally rare Lesser Goldfinch continued to sporadically visit feeders in Creston and Somers, respectively, throughout the period. Foy’s Lake and the West Valley Crane Viewing Area each supported a variety of waterfowl as warmer temperatures kept these sites primary ice-free. A…

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Trip to Flathead Lake Bio Station

By Doug MacCarter. On a beautiful June 19th, fifteen scientifically curious folks met at the Flathead Lake Biological Station to learn about birds and research conducted at the University of Montana’s field station at Yellow Bay. The group was met first by field trip leader Doug MacCarter, and later by the Station Assistant Director Tom…

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Ruby-crowned & Golden-crowned Kinglets

By Linda de Kort Last week, the serviceberry bushes by our home were buzzing with royal activity. Kinglets of both local species were flitting and hovering, gleaning the insects from the leaves of the bush. This gave me a golden and ruby opportunity to compare the field markings of these two diminutive birds. The kinglets…

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